If you are awesome, keep reading...

Hello there,

Before you complete the application for employment, please understand that we are pretty serious about creating a working environment for our staff that maintains the highest levels of quality, service and attention for our guests.

We are about living our values:

* We believe in providing amazing service. Amazing! The goal is to provide that unique and genuine sort of personal care and attention that our guests tell stories about.

* We believe that we can always be better. No matter how good we can be, we never stop trying to do it better.

* We believe in honesty and trust. We work to build trust with others in every interaction. Honesty goes a long way.  

* We believe in continued training and development of our people. We see it as a great investment in the future of the restaurant and as a way to help our people achieve their potential in whatever they do.

* We believe our continued success depends on teamwork. We know that amazing achievements are only possible from helping and respecting each other.

* We believe in doing business in a professional and orderly manner. We take great pride in having good systems, standardized procedures and being organized.

* We believe in being responsible to others and to ourselves. We value personal accountability. Meaning we are not blaming others when things don’t turn out as planned.

Sound good? If this feels like the place for you, print, fill out and bring on by our place or feel free to print, fill out and email to helloadmin@stemandstone.com. 

Thanks and stay awesome!

1507 CHESTNUT ST., BASTROP tx 78602

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